Jonathan Andrew

More facial recognition tech for social networking

Social media network Facebook holds an immense collection of people’s personal photos, and has just acquired the Israeli tech company (which has been developing facial recognition plugins and apps for online services).’s algorithms are being developed not just to identify individuals but their age and gender too; a recent blog notes: “The uses […]

EDPS issues opinion on smart metering systems

On June 8th the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) published an opinion commenting on the Commission’s ‘Recommendation on preparations for the roll out of smart metering systems’ (issued March 9th), and on smart energy metering systems in general. Providing that the economic assessment to be carried out by Member States by the end of the […]

Location-based services: an increasingly important privacy concern?

Perhaps oddly some think location-based services are fun in a “stalkerish way”. But what if you’re actually subject to unwelcome scrutiny or observation, or feel your freedom of movement infringed? Data from social media networks Facebook and Foursquare were used by the ‘Girls Around Me’ app to allow users to view the location of women […]

EU Counter-Terrorism Strategy Discussion Paper highlights SURVEILLE Advisory Service

In his latest discussion paper presented to the Council of the European Union Gilles de Kerchove, the EU Counter-Terrorism Coordinator, has highlighted the advisory service of the SURVEILLE project and encouraged its use. In addressing the nexus of counter-terrorism with human rights, Mr. De Kerchove stated: “On a practical level, I would encourage making use […]

Special Eurobarometer on the EU's home affairs

Special Eurobarometer on the EU’s home affairs A special Eurobarometer survey was conducted in December 2011 at the request of the Directorate-General Home Affairs.  In total 26,693 European citizens were interviewed for the survey. The final chapter of the study examines Europeans’ perceptions of public security. Three particularly relevant findings of this chapter are: Europeans are […]