Opposition to CCTV plans in Oxford

This past week has seen an interesting turn of events in Oxford – city of dreaming spires… and home to more than a few concerned citizens worried about the encroachment of surveillance on their everyday lives. Oxford City Council has been challenged by the Information Commissioner’s Office in England and Wales to justify the need […]

Googling and Doodling Online – At the Cost of Privacy?

How do we balance efficiency and the effective use of resources at work with concerns regarding our personal privacy? How personal should our working lives be? Should we make our diaries accessible so that others can see our availability? Productivity tools, especially where they allow others to consult, can be great at streamlining time-hogging activities […]

EUI Conference – ‘European Internal Security’

On 25 April, Prof. Martin Scheinin (SURVEILLE coordinator) and Ms. Maria Grazia Porcedda (EUI team member) took part in the panel ‘Cyber-security and Cybercrime’ within the Jean Monnet Conference on ‘European Internal Security’ at the European University Institute. Professor Scheinin, together with Professor Sartor, commented on the presentations given by the panelists, featuring Ms Maria […]

Ex-GCHQ head calls for a revise of RIPA to regulate social media intelligence

At the end of April the think-tank Demos issued #intelligence, a report that was co-written by Sir David Omand, who was the director of the UK Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) between 1996 and 1997. The report stresses the value of ‘SOCMINT’, intelligence gathered from social media, as a ‘decisive’ source of information that contributes to […]

SURVEILLE Kick-off meeting marks initiation of the project

February 29th to March 1st 2012 saw the EUI hosting the SURVEILLE Kick-off meeting at Villa Schifanoia, the home of the EUI’s Department of Law. The event provided an opportunity for SURVEILLE’s project partners to meet with representatives of the European Commission and also discuss the project’s aims and objectives with members of the Advisory […]