Successful First Annual Forum in Brussels – Sept 24th 2012

On the 24th of September SURVEILLE’s First Annual Forum for decision makers took Place in Brussels, gathering a crowd of representatives from the European Commission, the European Parliament, law enforcement agencies, local authorities, academics, and other interested parties. Professor Martin Scheinin of the EUI introduced the project and its goals during the first panel. In […]

10 cities and regions to provide SURVEILLE with technology users' input

Ten European cities and regions will provide the SURVEILLE project with the perspective of technology users and political decision makers As part of its contribution to the “SURVEILLE” project, the European Forum for Urban Security has set up a working group of ten experienced European local and regional authorities. It is made of the cities […]

SURVEILLE on the agenda for Efus members

Ethics and the efficiency of surveillance technologies are important issues for the 300 local and regional authorities of the European Forum for Urban Security (Efus), which in 2010 launched its initiative for the responsible and democratic use of CCTV in European cities. The SURVEILLE project is an important vector for local and regional authorities for […]

More facial recognition tech for social networking

Social media network Facebook holds an immense collection of people’s personal photos, and has just acquired the Israeli tech company (which has been developing facial recognition plugins and apps for online services).’s algorithms are being developed not just to identify individuals but their age and gender too; a recent blog notes: “The uses […]

Location-based services: an increasingly important privacy concern?

Perhaps oddly some think location-based services are fun in a “stalkerish way”. But what if you’re actually subject to unwelcome scrutiny or observation, or feel your freedom of movement infringed? Data from social media networks Facebook and Foursquare were used by the ‘Girls Around Me’ app to allow users to view the location of women […]