More facial recognition tech for social networking

Social media network Facebook holds an immense collection of people’s personal photos, and has just acquired the Israeli tech company (which has been developing facial recognition plugins and apps for online services).’s algorithms are being developed not just to identify individuals but their age and gender too; a recent blog notes: “The uses […]

EU Counter-Terrorism Strategy Discussion Paper highlights SURVEILLE Advisory Service

In his latest discussion paper presented to the Council of the European Union Gilles de Kerchove, the EU Counter-Terrorism Coordinator, has highlighted the advisory service of the SURVEILLE project and encouraged its use. In addressing the nexus of counter-terrorism with human rights, Mr. De Kerchove stated: “On a practical level, I would encourage making use […]

SURVEILLE Kick-off meeting marks initiation of the project

February 29th to March 1st 2012 saw the EUI hosting the SURVEILLE Kick-off meeting at Villa Schifanoia, the home of the EUI’s Department of Law. The event provided an opportunity for SURVEILLE’s project partners to meet with representatives of the European Commission and also discuss the project’s aims and objectives with members of the Advisory […]

Official launch of SURVEILLE project

The EU Commission confirmed that the final grant agreement for the FP7 SURVEILLE project had been signed on 28 February 2012. The SURVEILLE project will build upon the successes achieved in the previous FP7 project DETECTER, which involved many of the partner institutions involved in the new project. SURVEILLE systematically reviews the impacts of different […]