The meeting of the SURVEILLE Project End User Panel took place on Thursday, 24 October 2013 at Police Headquarters – Mannheim, Germany.

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The following issues were discussed:

  • The End User Panel Group welcomed guests from the Fraunhofer Institute in Karlruhe, Germany and TU Delft in the Netherlands
  • Update on SURVEILLE Project
  • Previous EUP submissions on surveillance technology / equipment and draft papers on deliverables.
  • AFUS – Application for Finding Usability Standards – presentation and demonstration on software prototype (paper on deliverable 3.3)
  • AFUS – Trial use by members of EUP with support from Fraunhofer and completion of questionnaire.
  • Discussion on deliverable focussing on suggested scoring of technology equipment by SURVEILLE Consortium.
  • Discussion on deliverables assessing cost effectiveness of surveillance technology.
  • SURVEILLE Ethics Advisory Service.


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