SURVEILLE project partner Efus sets up new working group on security technologies. Interested members are invited to participate!

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The European Forum for Urban Security (Efus), a project partner of SURVEILLE, has just announced an open invitation to interested members to join its new working group on technologies. The initiative will build on the organization’s ongoing initiative for a responsible and democratic use of video surveillance.

Efus notes how technologies are increasingly part of our daily urban life, and are thus an important working theme for the organisation:

Technologies offer a wide range of opportunities, but they also pose new threats. For instance, they provide new security tools, but these raise questions of efficiency and ethics. Through internet and social networks, they create new, virtual public spaces and new forms of life in society, which create new opportunities for social cohesion and democratic participation, but also new forms of control and crime. They provide us with an increasingly sophisticated and performing infrastructure, but it comes with new vulnerabilities and risks.”

Efus explains that the project is an opportunity for members of the Forum to obtain direct access to the state of the art of research in this field, but also to give feedback on their views on, their wishes for, and their experiences with these technologies. The working group will accompany the SURVEILLE project, and provide input and feedback. Its members will be invited to participate in its annual Forum for European decision makers, which will take place each September in Brussels.

In addition, the working group will gather at least once a year for a one-day meeting. Travel and subsistence costs will be paid. Other meetings will also take place in relation with events organised by Efus, such as its yearly General Assembly. Moreover, working group members will have the opportunity to participate in thematic meetings of the SURVEILLE project.

If you are interested in participating in this working group please contact Sebastian Sperber at Efus: [email protected]

Also, for further information you may wish to see the announcement on the Efus website:

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