Official launch of SURVEILLE project

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The EU Commission confirmed that the final grant agreement for the FP7 SURVEILLE project had been signed on 28 February 2012. The SURVEILLE project will build upon the successes achieved in the previous FP7 project DETECTER, which involved many of the partner institutions involved in the new project.

SURVEILLE systematically reviews the impacts of different surveillance systems, and also helps manufacturers and end-users better to develop and deploy these systems. It is a multidisciplinary project combining law, ethics, sociology and technology analysis in a small number of highly collaborative, crosscutting work packages. SURVEILLE will assess surveillance technology for its actual effectiveness in fighting crime and terrorism, for its social and economic costs, and will survey perceptions of surveillance in the general public and certain identified target groups. The investigation of societal and ethical aspects will focus on the possible undesired side effects of surveillance systems.

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